Interactive Art

The DiDstudio is a research and production centre for digital interactive dance located in Milano.
It is a space of education, information, experimentation and creative residency for whoever is interested in new technologies applied to contemporary dance.
Various dance courses and workshops are organized together with an annual festival where national and international artists working in related fields are invited.
It offers the access to a very well furnished information point (iPoint) on new interactive media applied to art and communication where one can find unpublished material, interviews and exclusive documentation.

The association was created at the Fabbrica del Vapore by choreographer and dancer Ariella Vidach and her partner, scenographer and mixed media artistic director, Claudio Prati in 1996.

Their artistic development explores various techniques for;
  • movement capture,
  • sound design and
  • image elaboration.
[...all to do with the theme of a dialog rising from improvisation... continuous trial and error...]

At first with a raw experimental approach using the Mandala System on an Amiga 3000, they worked with ‘actors’ (variables ~ drama) and ‘icons‘ (constants ~ sound) on chroma key patterns.
i.e. in EXP amplitude modulation appears on expanding colored background bands enabled by the arm movements of the two dancers’ harmonious conflict'.
The limit of this system was established by the contrast and light response.
The result: a not HD rather a deeply underground-electric-blue image .>> ♠ ¡Nice!

The means by which movement is detected changed with the arrival of Polimus Ultratrack where a proper motion capture system was in place with all the constraining cable structure associated.

what's more...
In recent projects, motion is captured by tracking impulses of accellerometers positioned on the skin of the dancer.
>> free << from wires once again,
the body,
[[[ which is music in itself ]]]
now generates real time sounds depending on how it moves within the space.

The development of Inchrome and Auxi software (from Jitter Max msp) opens a new range of creative possibilities relating samples to color - pitch and amplitude to positioning.

The story is always the same” Ariella says “how it is told, that’s what makes the difference"

Ref: http://universal-hologram.com/stock_images.htm

The theme of a fixed structure within which to explore complete freedom is the recurrent approach for improvisation and creativity. That is where construction takes place.

To define its limits and boundaries in a continuously expanding range of possibilities is a matter of sensitivity (intuition) to be then filtered through sensibility (= avere buon senso => to be wise or balanced).

Innovation is in the relationship established with language:
the instrument goes together with aesthetic as the application goes together with meaning.....

Concept elaboration might devolve from crude experimentation but, at the end, what seams to be the state of the matter is: expressing our integrity in the sphere of real needs with rigor and poetry... only repose in opposition to the whole multiplicity of inducted needs coming from.....



Feed me what?

With teleoperation systems, it is possible to project human presence and perform physical actions in remote and extraterrestrial locations. A single operator could direct a colony of robots in different locations simultaneously, or scattered human experts might collectively control a particular surrogate robot.

Teleoperation systems would have to be more than hand-eye mechanisms. They would have to create kinesthetic feel, providing the sense of orientation, motion and body tension. Robots would have to be semi-autonomous, capable of "intelligent disobedience". With Teleautomation (Conway/Voz/Walker), forward simulation - with time and precision clutches - assists in overcoming the problem of real time-delays, allowing prediction to improve performance.

The experience of Telepresence (Minsky) becomes the high-fidelity illusion of Tele-existence (Tachi). ELECTRONIC SPACE BECOMES A MEDIUM OF ACTION RATHER THAN INFORMATION. It meshes the body with its machines in ever-increasing complexity and interactiveness. The body's form is enhanced and its functions are extended. ITS PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS ARE NEITHER LIMITED BY ITS PHYSIOLOGY NOR BY THE LOCAL SPACE IT OCCUPIES.

Electronic space restructures the body's architecture and multiplies its operational possibilities. The body performs by coupling the kinesthetic action of muscles and machine with the kinematic pure motion of the images it generates.

Ref: http://www.stelarc.va.com.au/

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