This Forum session brought me to a memory (probably I'm still pretty homesick): the Novelum Festival in Toulouse, last November, an imaginific cluster of musical works rising from many different collaboration experiences.
In particular I would like to mention the outcome of a "multi-collaboration": between Tierry de Mey, a Belgian composer and film maker, his sister Michèle Anne De Mey, dancer, and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, choreographer, on the music of Steve Reich.
This collaboration leaded to the production of a film, called Fase, exploring the intuition of movement and bounds, which is undoubtedly the guidance element in Thierry's work.
More than a beautiful movie, I think there was an interesting conception behind: the refuse to view rhythm as a striped combination of intervals within a time grid, instead to consider it more as a system which generates momentums, a game between leaps and falls.
The possibility to fully explore and develop this point was definitely given by the interactions with dance performers.


In addition to what was said, the capacity to "listen from the inside" appears to me the very first stage for collaboration: necessary condition to be able to feel and comprehend the "Soul", of others (human beings, animals or vegetables: alive, dead, not born yet or never meant to be born), instruments and objects.

...for sure they all have one...!


Than, I also thought that the Rooftop Film Festival of Brooklyn, NY, may interest someone here... It is a summer stage in New York open to emerging audio-visual artists from all around the word. Check it out!!

First Time

Just landed-
My eyelids are almost closing but some rugged analogic signals with a groovie bass impro relieve my wearying. I'm listening for the first time to these people... from the "Down Under".